Simple, Unbiased, and Real-Time Sales Attribution For Your Dealership

Attribution Drill Down. See What's Really Driving Sales

Automatic Metric Perfomance Tracking and Notification

Customizable Dashboards

What Is Espy?

Espy is a sales attribution platform designed to Simply, Accurately, and Quickly answer
What's Really Driving Sales?

Espy is unique in that the "What" can be any element in your sales funnel, be it a marketing campaign, a third party lead provider, or even an individual sale person on your sales team.


MTD Sales Analysis

Month-To-Date sales performance is continually monitored and updated nightly

Automatic Notifications

Notifications are automatically generated when system detects any anomalies in key metrics

Access From Anywhere

Cloud platform accessible from any device with an internet connection

Diagnostic Engine

If an anomaly is detected a recursive diagnostic analysis is performed to identify the source(s)

Automated Insights

System continuously analyzes data looking for insights and pushes them to the inbox when it finds them


Central Data Warehouse

A dealerships's data is typically spread across multiple systems which don't talk to each other. Espy advisor starts by connecting to all of your data sources so that it has the complete picture.

Semantic Relational Mapping

Espy Advisor uses a proprietary Semantic Relational Map (SRM) to encode how your dealership's data relates to each other. For every one of our clients, we build a unique SRM that powers Espy Advisor's automated analytics capabilities.

Recursive Diagnostic Engine

Espy Advisor's Diagnostic Engine monitors key metrics and looks for statistically meaningful deviations from baseline levels. Once an issue is detected, it then uses the Semantic Relational Map to explore related metrics to uncover what's really driving the issue.

Enterprise Security

Espy Advisor is secured with enterprise grade security. OAuth (used by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.) and the industry standard SSL are used for user authentication and data encryption.