What's Driving Your Sales?

Simple, Unbiased, and Real-Time Sales Attribution

Why Espy?

Espy connects to all of your data and maps out your dealership, allowing you to see the impact of every element in your marketing and sales funnel in a matter of seconds. No more digging through outdated reports.

A 360 View of Your Data

To get the complete picture you need data from your CRM, DMS, Google Analytics, Ad and Social Media platforms, as well as Third Party Vendors.

Espy connects to all of your data sources and contextually maps each data point. What that means for you is Espy can trace the source of performance issues automatically.

Is it Marketing or Sales?

Most attribution products focus only on marketing sources, and ignore the other half of the equation, your Sales Team.

Espy calculates the sales impact of both Marketing and Sales so that the true effect of each can be measured. In addition, since we build each data map specifically for your dealership, if your dealership has a BDC team, Espy can isolate their impact as well.

Who Is Espy Designed For?

Espy is designed for GM's, GSM's, Marketing Directors, Dealer Principals, and Owners looking for a simple and easy way to understand what's driving their sales.